Quick Updates

Hey y’all. I apologize for the lack of updates, but my first couple of months in the Peace Corps were a rollercoaster. Here are some quick updates of everything I have posted since my last post:

  • I had a security incident in my site that caused me to change host families.
    • The plus side of this was that my second host family in site was amazing. My doña was older, and the house a lot humbler. Her granddaughter (22) lives with her and we instantly became like sisters. And her other granddaughter (3) Camile, lived right up the road and stole my heart.
  • The security incident continued, and so I received a site change.
    • While I loved my first community, the best decision was to leave. There is no chance that I could have served two years under the conditions of which I was living. However, that is NOT to say that I didn’t love the kids or the people or my counterparts – on the contrary, really – I loved them and that made leaving really hard.

      • The fact that a person had made me so uncomfortable, even after trying to manage the situation, that I decided to leave this place full of people I love and care about, enjoy working with, love living with, and talking with, speaks volumes for the amount of discomfort I felt.
  • New site
    • Going to a new site was so much harder then I ever could have imagined. I was leaving behind a community I loved, and was only leaving really for one reason.
    • The new place I went was: a lot more rural, a community along a dirt road that is really really long, a mountain village, and had a history with Peace Corps Volunteers.
  • Med Evacuation
    • After about a month of trying to manage the stresses and baggage that came from having a stalker in my first site, I was medically evacuated for 40ish days to my house in the USA.
    • I met with a counselor (shout out to you, Bob) a couple times of week to evaluate everything that had happened and then finally decided I was ready to come back.

In my next post I write about what it means to come back after everything!!


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