Peralvillo: the good, the great, and my foot

img_3907This pueblito, woooweeee is it beautiful. It’s situated in the mountains just 2ish hours north of the capital. The photo on the left does this loma “hill” no justice.. needless to say my quads and booty got more toned because of this hill. The people of Peralvillo are nice and welcoming and a favorite pastime of everyone is to go to the rio. While living here we observed and worked in a school in the community twice weekly. We got to practice activities, dinamicas, lesson plans, charlas or community talks.

My best friend in Peralvillo is a 5-year-old girl named Caroline. We are like uñas y mugre “fingernails and the dirt underneath it”. She loves coloring, taking snapchat photos with me, dancing, and going to school. It’s crazy how much I already miss this girl, but I know that, si Dios quiere, I will see her again very soon.

img_3827One of the cooler things we had to do while in Peralvillo was design an hour long mini camp for kids in the community with our practicum group. We decided to do an activity about the environment because, per culture, there is a lot of trash in the streets. We planned a scavenger hunt/trash pick up that the kids were SO excited about (much to our surprise… kids in the U.S. would probably throw a fit about having to clean up trash as a game) and then had a quick discussion about the effects on the environment, followed by a fun water balloon toss. After all the balloons had popped, we asked the kids that while this was fun and interactive, what was the problem with this activity… llego las luces! “the light arrived” The children all ran to pick up the pieces of balloon plastic left over from our fun. All in all a successful fun-filled day spent with the kids.


Successful mini camp!

Finally… my foot. I wish I had a good story to support this now scar on my ankle, but unfortunately I don’t. Simply that I was clumsy and during my first couple days in Peralvillo I was heading down to the river, slipped on the downwards hill, muddy, and in doing so dragged my foot on the rocky, muddy road. Nothing too bad, just some blood and scrapes here and there… I had definitely had worse in my life. So natural reaction, clean it up a bit and then NOT thinking, I went and got in the river to wash it out, because that’s what I would do if I were home. Bad bad bad idea. Well, needless to say that my foot was infected, swollen, with yellowish green pus, and not healing. After a week or so I decided to call the wonderful Peace Corps doctors who scolded me and then gave me recommendations, which eventually ailed me. Sorry Mom and Dad, for worrying you, but it’s all better now.


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