For those history nerds… Zona Colonial!

img_3546            One walk around the colonial zone of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and it’s hard not to fall in love. Many people who come to the Dominican Republic, seldom indulge themselves in the deep history this country has and opt for beaches, resorts, and the ever popular mamajuana. However, a brief look into the history and a stroll through this area of Santo Domingo and it’s clear to see the grip the past has on this country. Santo Domingo was home to the first university, the first cathedral, and the first colonial city in the New World, of which should be celebrated. A chapter in Michelle Wucker’s book “Why the Cocks Fight: Dominicans, Haitians, and the Struggles for Hispaniola”, specifically chapter 3, entitled “The Land Columbus Loved Best” (pages 60-92) give an interesting history lesson into the island of Hispaniola and is definitely worth the read!




Inside the first cathedral in the Americas



The gate pictured here was donated by Adolf Hitler during the presidency of Trujillo. The most interesting thing about this gate is that it appears to be a fate of crosses, however if you tilt your head a bit, one can see the Nazi swastika.



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